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Introducing the dawbuffet.com blog - tips, tricks, how-tos...

Thanks for visiting dawbuffet.com, the site for music and audio software.

We have dual missions:

  1. dawbuffet is an e-tail store. Our job is to find you (and negotiate) the best deals and offer the best selection anywhere.
  2. Our second mission is that we're an information site, here to help you get the most out of your music-making tools.

On that front, allow me introduce myself: Nick Batzdorf.

My background is in music/audio technology journalism. I was the editor-in-chief of Recording magazine for ten years, then the editor/publisher of Virtual Instruments, a music software magazine. In between I've written a lot for the other industry magazines (Mix, Electronic Musician, Keyboard, etc.).

Above all, I'm a musician and an enthusiast. So are the other professionals you'll see contributing articles, videos, and informative content here - along with our entire site team. All enthusiasts.

 We hope you'll check back here often, whether you're browsing the DAW buffet or just viewing the blog for information.

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