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SoundCode For Dolby E Encoder


SoundCode For Dolby E Encoder


The SoundCode for Dolby E Encoder for Mac or PC, includes a standalone application, an Audio Suite Pro Tools plug-in and a Final Cut Pro plug-in.


There are several encode options, including encode from film and SMPTE track order, 1 or 2 frame input offset, Dolby E 16-bit, 20-bit and PCM, together with standard Dolby E metadata settings. Encode up to 8 tracks with over 20 different Dolby E program configurations including 5.1 + Stereo, and LCRS + Stereo.


The encode process is faster than real-time and includes tape and file based workflows.


Monitor with N-Mon

N-Mon is a Core Audio application that comes bundled with SoundCode for Dolby E Encoder.


It connects the audio output of an application such as Final Cut Pro to the Core Audio computer audio output and includes a decoding window to allow real time monitoring of Dolby E playback from Final Cut Pro.

Standalone Application

Pro Tools Plug-In

Final Cut 7 Plug-In


  • Windows and Mac OS X Support
  • Standalone Application, Pro Tools AAX Plug-In
  • Final Cut 7 Encoder Plug-In
  • Encode Dolby E Streams at your workstation faster-then-realtime
  • Unsurpassed Pro Tools Integration
  • Tape-Based and File-Based workflows
  • Deliver a Dolby E Decode to a video facility as a file
  • Embed Dolby Metadata in a WAV file where it belongs
  • Implement File-Based workflows that carry Dolby Metadata with the Audio
  • Export interleaved, SMPTE ordered WAV files larger than 2GB in Pro Tools
  • Combine multiple audio programs into single audio file
  • Compatible with Dolby DP600 workflows


  • iLok license required
  • License requires internet connection and an iLok

System Requirements

  • Standalone – Mac OS 10.7+ and Windows 7+
  • Pro Tools – 9, 10, 11
  • Final Cut Pro – Version 7
This product is delivered digitally. Easy secure download instructions and license information will be emailed to you after you have completed placing your order. Please note this this is usually very fast however, occasionally it may take as long as one to two business days.

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