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SoundCode LtRt Tools Upgrade


SoundCode LtRt Tools Upgrade


PLEASE NOTE: This is a special upgrade for owners of SoundCode Stereo LtRt to SoundCode LtRt Tools.


SoundCode LtRt Tools is a set of Pro Tools AAX plug-ins designed for post-production studios, TV mixers, film mixers, video game mixers, and broadcasters that monitor or deliver LtRt encoded audio compatible with Pro Logic™ decoders.


Decode Pro Logic LtRt track in Pro Tools

SoundCode LtRt Tools now includes a Pro Logic IIx decoder licensed from Dolby Laboratories Inc.  It provides 7.1, 5.1, and LCRS decoding so mixers can simulate consumer system playback environments..


Integrated Stereo Down Mixing

SoundCode LtRt Tools makes it simple to add down mix processing to a Pro Tools session for many types of applications.


SoundCode LtRt Tools is a Pro Tools 10 AAX DSP, Native, and Audiosuite plug-in that can simply be inserted on a Pro Tools track. Because it is a plug-in, it is compatible with powerful Pro Tools features such as control surface operation, automation, and preset management.


Down Mix Compatibility Checking

SoundCode LtRt Tools can be used to check how a surround mix will down mix to stereo.


SoundCode LtRt Tools features a “Down Mix” control that can be used to enable/disable down mixing while mixing with a surround speaker system. When enabled, the surround mix is down mixed to stereo and output on the left and right channels of the surround speaker system. Also, SoundCode LtRt Tools can be used to feed a dedicated, alternate stereo speaker system.


Stereo LtRt Program Delivery

SoundCode LtRt Tools can be used to matrix encode and down mix a surround mix to stereo LtRt for stereo LtRt mix delivery.


Many broadcasterʼs require both surround mixes and stereo LtRt mixes. SoundCode LtRt Tools makes it simple to do so.


The matrix encoding can be set for PL2 or PL1 mode which are compatible with Dolby Pro Logic I and Dolby Pro Logic II decoders.


Edit & Monitor On Any Pro Tools System

SoundCode LtRt Tools makes it easy to edit surround audio projects using a Pro Tools system connected to a stereo speaker system. Just insert SoundCode LtRt Tools on the surround mix bus and all audio channels will be mixed to stereo so an editor hears everything with just two speakers or headphones.

Pro Tools 10.0 and later, Native and HDX


SoundCode LtRt Encoder

  • AAX DSP 32/64, AAX Native 32/64, and Audiosuite
  • Pro Logic™ II compatible matrix encoding
  • Pro Logic™ I compatible matrix encoding
  • Lo Ro non-matrixed down mixing
  • Mute and Phase controls to isolate down mixing problems
  • Mix level controls
  • Brick-wall limiting
  • AudioSuite processing for ultra-fast downmixes

SoundCode LtRt Decoder

  • AAX DSP 32/64, AAX Native 32/64, and Audiosuite
  • Dolby Pro Logic IIx Licensed Decoding
  • 7.1, 5.1, LCRS Dolby modes
  • Optional mono and stereo downmixing
  • Mute and solo channel controls

SoundCode LtRt Monitor

  • AAX DSP 32/64, AAX Native 32/64
  • Simple LtRt encode/decode monitoring

SoundCode LtRt Tools Specifications

  • AAX DSP 32/64, AAX Native 32/64, and Audiosuite Plug-Ins


  • iLok license required

System Requirements

  • Pro Tools 10.0 and later
  • Mac OS X and Windows
This product is delivered digitally. Easy secure download instructions and license information will be emailed to you after you have completed placing your order. Please note this this is usually very fast however, occasionally it may take as long as one to two business days.

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