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WoodBoxes is a compilation of two Cajon libraries, WoodBox a regular sized Cajon and TheBox a Bass Cajon.


WoddBox has been recorded with 2 microphone positions, a stereo pair in front of the Cajon and another one facing the back. All the samples have been carefully trimmed to keep the phase alignment.

TheBox was recorded only with one microphone position, but it still has all of the details required to make the library sound realistic.

  • 812Mb uncompressed, 383Mb compressed in lossless flac format, WoodBox:  3040 samples, TheBox 848 samples.
  • Right hand/left hand samples.
  • Two microphone positions, a pair in front of the cajon and another behind it to capture more bass (only for WoodBox).
  • 16 different hit positions to reflect the full possibilities of the instrument
  • About 15 velocity layers per position
  • 8 round robins
  • Adjustable mapping, you can assign any element to any key really quickly.
  • Customizable sensitivity.
  • The Midi percussion parts of the demos are included to help you understand how to play it,
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